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      The FEI drops the famous final of four of the World Equestrian Games!

      lundi, 5 décembre, 2016

      After deciding to reduce the number of riders per team from 4 to 3 at the Olympic Games, the FEI is now modifying the World Equestrian Games.

      Without even communicating about it, the FEI just published the new regulation for 2017. Caen’s final of four with Bezzie Madden, Patrice Delaveau, Jeroen Dubbeldam and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson (2014) was probably the last. This unique event of the World Equestrian Games had been criticized for years and has now definitively been buried. Launched in 1978, the “top four final with horse rotation” was quite controversial among riders.

      For Edwina Tops-Alexander, who participated to the Aachen final in 2006, this event was more appealing to the public and media than riders. She ads that the 4 extra rounds put additional pressure on horses and increased the risk of accidents and injuries. On the contrary, Jeroen Dubbeldam (2014 World Champion in Caen) was a big fan of the event and regrets that it was cut. In his opinion it gave more credibility to riders and created a high interest for jumping among the general public.

      But there is more, the FEI has other surprises in store for us! Indeed, the speed competition will also be removed. The next World Equestrian Games will thus only have two competitions of two rounds over two days. Only the 10 best nations and 60 best riders will be able to access the second round of the team competition. Therefore, the first day will already be decisive and for some couples the adventure will end after a single round…

      As for the individual rounds; only the 25 best couples after the two team rounds will be selected to take part in round A of the individual competition, and only 12 will compete in round B.

      All these changes might discourage our favorite riders to travel al the way to North Carolina in 2018…

      You will find the new regulations here

      The Seaver team