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Heart Rate

lundi, 9 juillet, 2018

Training in summer: what is the impact of heat on heart rate and performance?

- by Dr. Justine Guillaume, whom we thank a lot 🙂 - The heart rate is an important data of training, but it is easily impacted by external factors.  « Why does my horse’s heart rate increase with warm weather? » You probably already noticed that heat has a direct impact on your horse’s heart ...

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mardi, 5 juin, 2018

Seaver approved by the FEI on the CIC** of Berticheres: analysis of the data gathered on Marie-Charlotte Fuss’ cross-country run

For the very first time, our Seaver girth sleeve was authorized in an international FEI event and we are very proud that the Young Rider European Champion 2016, Marie-Charlotte Fuss, used it on the 2* cross-country course of Berticheres’ Royal Jump. After a majestic ride with her talented Anabolia, Marie-Charlotte Fuss moved up in ...

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vendredi, 4 mai, 2018

Our expert dr. Justine Guillaume’s Advices for a Good Post-Effort Recovery

Among the training challenges, that of the optimization of recovery after exercise deserves particular attention. Recovery combines all the processes and strategies set up to allow the horse athlete to regain the integrity of his physical capacities. The point is to optimize the time required by the organism to regain after a performance a ...

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mercredi, 4 avril, 2018

3 sessions to solicit and develop your horse’s cardio-respiratory system

- by Dr. Justine Guillaume, whom we thank a lot 🙂 - After the winter break and before starting specific training, the development of the horse’s cardio-respiratory system is often a key step towards building and obtaining an optimal body condition. You will find in this article 3 training sessions that will help you ...

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lundi, 31 octobre, 2016

4 good reasons to measure your horse’s heart rate while training

Many human athletes wear heart rate monitors while they work-out, so why not your horse? When used properly, heart rate monitors can be very valuable training aids. 1. To measure training intensity The main reason to equip you horse with a heart rate monitor while training is that it will allow you to measure the ...

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