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lundi, 30 avril, 2018

An EHV-1 Epidemic affects horses in France

In several French departments, outbreaks of the EHV-1 virus – the equine rhinopneumonitis, which can be deadly - have been confirmed. There are several forms of the virus, one that causes abortion, and others that cause respiratory infection and neurological symptoms. All forms have been detected. The French RESPE (French Network for the epidemio-surveillance ...

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mercredi, 20 décembre, 2017

The respiratory system: why is it a major weakness for sport horses?

In this new article, we will look into the horse’s respiratory system. The main components of the equine (and human) respiratory system include: the mouth, nostrils, nasal cavity, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, trachea, lungs, bronchi, bronchioles, diaphragm, ribs and intercostal muscles. As horses only breathe through their nose, the nostrils are the main entrance ...

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mardi, 5 décembre, 2017

Choosing the proper blanket… Our tips to help you enjoy winter

December is here, winter is right around the corner, and it is already quite cold outside… Horses are growing their winter coat, and riders are starting to ask themselves a lot of questions: should my horse be clipped, should I use a blanket, which one, when…? Rest assured, this article should give you the answers ...

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vendredi, 17 novembre, 2017

How to prevent equine doping?

As you may have heard, Germany was in an uncertain situation, as they feared they might lose their team silver medal won at the European Eventing Championships in August. The reason: Samourai du Thot, the horse of Julia Krajewski - part of the German team - was just tested positive for the presence of ...

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lundi, 23 octobre, 2017

Physical training: What about the rider?

Far too often, riders are not sufficiently attentive to their physical condition. Horse riding is like any other sport and requires both horse and rider to be in good shape. After mentioning the physical condition of the horse in our latest articles, let's talk a bit about ours... Contrary to popular opinion, performance is not ...

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