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lundi, 28 mai, 2018

How to manage the arrival of sunny days

Spring has arrived; the weather and temperatures are nicer! Unfortunately for horses, spring also means insects, diseases and allergies. It is up to us riders, to know them, recognize them and know the proper reaction to have. Insects Insects are a real scourge for horses with the arrival of sunny days. For some horses, ...

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vendredi, 4 mai, 2018

Our expert dr. Justine Guillaume’s Advices for a Good Post-Effort Recovery

Among the training challenges, that of the optimization of recovery after exercise deserves particular attention. Recovery combines all the processes and strategies set up to allow the horse athlete to regain the integrity of his physical capacities. The point is to optimize the time required by the organism to regain after a performance a ...

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dimanche, 18 mars, 2018

How to work a horse right in winter

After looking at the subject of choosing the right clip and/or blanket for your horse in winter (read the article), we are now looking into the right way to work your horse in this cold season. Winter should not be a hibernation period for the horse. Indeed, if you wish to maintain your horse’s ...

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mardi, 5 décembre, 2017

Choosing the proper blanket… Our tips to help you enjoy winter

December is here, winter is right around the corner, and it is already quite cold outside… Horses are growing their winter coat, and riders are starting to ask themselves a lot of questions: should my horse be clipped, should I use a blanket, which one, when…? Rest assured, this article should give you the answers ...

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mercredi, 12 octobre, 2016

How to Choose the Best Feed for Your Horse ?

Seaver products allow you to measure the calories spent by your horse, and thus give you the possibility to regulate your horse’s diet and adjust it. However, there are many other factors to take into account. You do your best to make sure that your horse receives his feed at the right time and ...

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