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lundi, 9 juillet, 2018

Training in summer: what is the impact of heat on heart rate and performance?

- by Dr. Justine Guillaume, whom we thank a lot 🙂 - The heart rate is an important data of training, but it is easily impacted by external factors.  « Why does my horse’s heart rate increase with warm weather? » You probably already noticed that heat has a direct impact on your horse’s heart ...

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vendredi, 29 juin, 2018


The French Championships is an event that many riders have been waiting for all year long and for which they have been preparing for months! 8 days away from the beginning of the Generali Open de France Poney, we wanted to review the important things to be best prepared for this mythical sporting event. ...

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mardi, 12 juin, 2018

Understanding Seaver's "Jump Height" feature

The Seaver girth and girth sleeve calculate the height of all of the horse/pony’s jumps during a session. The device has no way to know the height of fences or that of the horse’s forelegs. The measured height is thus that of the girth (or more precisely that of the device’s sensor), meaning the ...

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mercredi, 20 décembre, 2017

The respiratory system: why is it a major weakness for sport horses?

In this new article, we will look into the horse’s respiratory system. The main components of the equine (and human) respiratory system include: the mouth, nostrils, nasal cavity, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, trachea, lungs, bronchi, bronchioles, diaphragm, ribs and intercostal muscles. As horses only breathe through their nose, the nostrils are the main entrance ...

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lundi, 23 octobre, 2017

Physical training: What about the rider?

Far too often, riders are not sufficiently attentive to their physical condition. Horse riding is like any other sport and requires both horse and rider to be in good shape. After mentioning the physical condition of the horse in our latest articles, let's talk a bit about ours... Contrary to popular opinion, performance is not ...

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