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      vendredi, 29 juin, 2018

      The French Championships is an event that many riders have been waiting for all year long and for which they have been preparing for months! 8 days away from the beginning of the Generali Open de France Poney, we wanted to review the important things to be best prepared for this mythical sporting event.

      Sports Preparation for the Event

      Big event rimes with important preparation. You must already have a pre-show routine that you use all year long, but it is even more important for the championships. Proper preparation in the weeks preceding the event could be to not jump more than twice per week. Instead, focus on your flatwork, and hack out often; it is good for your pony’s morale. One good jump preparation session the week before, where you will work on a something you have difficulties with (such as a complicated jumping line or combination), should be enough.

      Once you arrive to Lamotte-Beuvron, especially if your class is at the end of the week, it will be hard to keep a stable training program. Take this opportunity to go for a lots of hacks, as once again it will help improve and keep your pony’s morale and mental.

      The Essentials to Bring

      As we will mention later on, it is important not to leave packing to the last minute. Here is our “must-bring” list!

      Because July can delight us with beautiful sunny and (sometimes very) hot days, just like it can depress us with heavy rains: pack a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, but do not forget to also bring a raincoat, rain boots and a big sweater. That is the necessary basis of the rider’s suitcase, in addition to your riding equipment and show outfit, of course. Speaking of outfits, do not forget to take an additional pair of riding breaches for your daily trainings. Mosquito repellant and a first-aid kit complete our list.

      As for your pony’s suitcase, our essentials (in addition to the show tack) are: a fly sheet, a fly mask and fly spray because it is summer and he will most likely be bothered by all sorts of insects, a saddle pad for daily trainings, a cooler and a water bucket. As for the stall, think about bringing a little toy so he does not get bored, and stall drapes can come in handy to protect him from both sun and rain. You can also take some recovery products, such as clay or electrolytes for instance. And finally, to reward him after all his efforts, do not forget the most crucial element: a big stock of apples!

      Coping with Stress

      Who says championships, also usually says stress… Here are a few advices to help you manage your stress before and during this event (or any other):

      - BEFORE –

      First of all, you need to be well organized, so as to not have any last-minute stress. Plan in advance when you are going to leave, from where, with whom and with what. Do not pack the night before, it will help not to forget any essential elements, and thus prevent unnecessary stress. For an event like Lamotte-Beuvron, where you will spend several days, if not a week, on site, think about bringing some little things of your everyday life and try to maintain a certain routine. Lastly, rest well the last few days before to get there in good shape!

      - DURING –

      During the event, especially for this one as it is in the middle of July, do not forget to hydrate. Even if stress can affect appetite for some people, it is important to eat well too. We mentioned rest for the before-the-show period, but it is just as important during. The night before a round, do not go to bed too late; fatigue can indeed add to your stress on D-day.

      Try not to think only about the event, and to relax as much as you can: read, listen to music, talk with your friends, etc. It is important for your mental.

      Finally, even if it is easier said than done, try to use your stress and turn it into something positive. Stress can indeed become a driver and be beneficial to the performance, if you use it properly and do not let it overwhelm you.

      - AFTER –

      After this stressful and demanding event, you can finally fully rest. Do savor your performance, and if you are not super satisfied, keep in mind all the good memories you made, and get ready to do even better next year… 😉

      We hope this article will help you tackle your championships the best possible way. Enjoy this event, its great atmosphere with a warm, enthusiast and supportive audience, the big shopping week that often goes in pair with the championships, and finally enjoy the beautiful sports performance that await you!

      We will of course be there as an exhibitor, and we cannot wait to meet you all there. Contact us if you would like to try our products during the events, and do come see us at our stand, we have lots of surprises in store for you… 🙂

      The Seaver team