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mercredi, 27 septembre, 2017

The importance of a strong topline

The horse’s spine can be assimilated to a bridge; an assembly of vertebrae spaced by a few centimeters and supported by two ‘pillars’: the horse’s forehand and hindquarters. The main back muscle is the latissimus dorsi, located on each side of the verterbea. The latissimus dorsi is a skeletal and non-weight bearing muscle, and ...

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mardi, 20 juin, 2017

7 tips to protect your horse from heat wave

Over the past few days, we have been affected by an intense and durable heat wave. Several areas, with much above normal temperatures, have been placed on heat wave alert. Just like us, horses are suffering from this unusual heat. Whether our horse is kept in stalls or in pastures, it is important to ...

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mardi, 30 mai, 2017

How does stress affect my horse's well-being ?

In the wild, horses live in herds and spend their days grazing and monitoring their environment for potential predators to flee from. The lifestyle that we now impose upon them is often very different from that of their natural environment. By interacting with horses and modifying their habits, we are confronting them to several ...

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lundi, 24 avril, 2017

How to detect a lameness ?

The horse is the animal the most exposed to lameness. Particularly feared, owners and riders are usually not able to detect it early enough. Because it can quickly harm horses’ quality of life and impair their performance, Seaver has developed a tool to aid lameness detection. Let’s start with some definitions. 1. What is a lameness? ...

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mercredi, 4 janvier, 2017

Horse symmetry explained by top dressage rider Camille Judet Chéret

What is movement symmetry, why is it important and what are the influencing factors? What is movement symmetry? Movement symmetry corresponds to an equal use of both forelimbs and both hind limbs. This means the footfall timing, stance duration, swing duration and sweep angle of the right forelimb are identical to that of the ...

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