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mercredi, 10 janvier, 2018

Preview of 2018

After looking back at the important events of 2017 (read the article here), the Seaver team invites you to dive into the New Year. You will find in this article all the main events of the 2018 season that you will not want to miss, as well as the changes and novelties, which mainly concern ...

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mardi, 26 décembre, 2017

2017 in review

2017 was marked with a lot of significant moments, some very exciting and others more unfortunate… Let’s look back on this year filled with beautiful sport, and on the major events that we, at Seaver, found important. 1. Jumping ➢ Tops We will long remember Kevin Staut’s great victory in the Top Ten Rolex ...

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mercredi, 4 janvier, 2017

Horse symmetry explained by top dressage rider Camille Judet Chéret

What is movement symmetry, why is it important and what are the influencing factors? What is movement symmetry? Movement symmetry corresponds to an equal use of both forelimbs and both hind limbs. This means the footfall timing, stance duration, swing duration and sweep angle of the right forelimb are identical to that of the ...

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