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mardi, 12 juin, 2018

Understanding Seaver's "Jump Height" feature

The Seaver girth and girth sleeve calculate the height of all of the horse/pony’s jumps during a session. The device has no way to know the height of fences or that of the horse’s forelegs. The measured height is thus that of the girth (or more precisely that of the device’s sensor), meaning the ...

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mardi, 30 mai, 2017

How does stress affect my horse's well-being ?

In the wild, horses live in herds and spend their days grazing and monitoring their environment for potential predators to flee from. The lifestyle that we now impose upon them is often very different from that of their natural environment. By interacting with horses and modifying their habits, we are confronting them to several ...

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vendredi, 22 avril, 2016

Heart rate monitoring for a better training

The importance of heart rate analysis Why is it important to monitor the heart rate of your horse? Heart rate monitoring is a widely used method in almost every sport, and yet it is still rare to see it used in the equestrian world, particularly at amateur level, despite its proven utility and efficiency ...

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vendredi, 8 avril, 2016

Our mission

Our goal: to help you better understand your horse Seaver is a talented team of passionate riders, engineers and developers working together to create a new concept of connected equipment dedicated to the equestrian sports. It is no secret that the equestrian success, whatever the discipline, is based on an intense human/horse complicity. You ...

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